Hello, my name is James Matthey Wilson.


This is me:

... with a selfie stick.


Here is a picture of me near San Francisco.


Fun Facts:


1. I'm a software developer. I work at BlueFletch Mobile, building native iOS, Mac OS X, and Android applications that solve big problems for startups and fortune 100 companies. Read more about my work here.


2. Former lawyer. I’ve successfully argued before Georgia’s highest court with $2M at stake. I’ve clerked for a judge, where I wrangled with interesting and complex legal theories on a daily basis. Now, I do some in-house work for BlueFletch. I'm fascinated by tech law topics like internet-of-things products liability, security, and AI regulation.


3. I’m an entrepreneur. I love building great products, and I always have a side-project in the works. Most recently, I launched an iPhone app called BeltTour, which is a location-aware audio tour about the Atlanta BeltLine. Go download it! :) Previously, I created and ran MarriageLegal (archive link). I'd love to chat about my other ventures. Let's get coffee.


4. Occasionally, I write down my best thoughts on what I see in software development, the legal system, and startups. I send them to my friends and family via short emails.


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Other Stuff:

Twitter: @JamesMWilsonEsq

GitHub: /jimdanger

LinkedIn: /jamesmattheywilson



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